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The Aero Platinum Mirror is an innovative new design, specifically developed to securely fit to the extremely tapered mirror bezels, now found on increasing numbers of manufacturers vehicles to improve fuel efficiency by reducing aerodynamic drag.

One of the key developments of the Aero Platinum Mirror is the inclusion of new flexible, rubber faced stainless steel, sprung loaded gripper plates. These are over 50% larger than the standard Aero 3 mirror pads. This design enables the gripper to ‘form’ to the shape of the vehicle mirror bezel. This significantly increases the surface contact area, providing improved grip and stability to the towing mirror. The Platinum clamp has also been enlarged, now accepting vehicle mirror bezels up to 25mm in thickness. Also now fitted with a larger diameter arm, this offers even further stability to the mirror, and has adequate reach to be used on caravans up to 2.55 meters wide.

The aerodynamic Mirror head features an air balanced design to minimise vibration, combined with mass location technology for improved stability. A benefit of this design is reduced buffeting and ‘mirror fold back’ caused by the passing of large vehicles.

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