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Caravan Shop

We at John Coopers are one of Lincolnshire’s leading Caravan Shop suppliers. Our widespread customer base covers the majority of the UK. Our wonderfully competitive pricing on the products we sell plus our outstanding customer service team providing helpful and friendly service backed up by a well educated knowledge regarding everything we sell has allowed our customer base to grow over the years we have been operating. We at John Coopers are one of the leading Caravan Shop product suppliers serving the majority of the UK.

Caravan Shop

Our vast customer base supports us so we wish to support our customers by providing them fair pricing on all the products we sell in our Caravan Shop. We have various items for sale through our Caravan Shop (Part of the Caravan Group). We have every type of accessory you could ever require, we stock items including; portable satellite dishes, tools, security devices, steps, tents, cooking equipment and accessories. The ranges of products in our Caravan Shop are intended to keep you well prepared and stocked up for any eventuality when camping or travelling with your Caravan. We know how important it is to have the luxuries and necessities while travelling out on the open road.

Our Caravan Shop has extensive online sales but we also operate towing services Caravan Shop (John Coopers Caravan Group) in the town of Scunthorpe. From which we have stock of all the products you view on our site, so if you’d prefer to visit a real store, we have one. Scunthorpe is easily located within North Lincolnshire with close driving links to Leeds, Sheffield and Lincoln.

Our friendly and helpful team are here to provide you with the best service that we can with regard to sales from our Caravan Shop. We are well informed and knowledgeable with regard to the products we sell. We are here to answer any and all enquiries you may have about any of the products we have for sale in our Caravan Shop. The Caravan Shop stocks well over 4,500 products and accessories suitable for Caravan applications.

We stock our products from the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the Caravan products industry. We add hundreds of products each year all with our standard competitive pricing. So we look forward to hearing from you with regard to any enquiries you may have with products we sell in the Caravan Shop. Please email or telephone with any questions or visit us direct for a one on one experience of making a purchase at our Caravan Shop.