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Bateson Trailers

Here at John Coopers we are one of the foremost suppliers of Bateson Trailers within the UK, with an extensive customer base located in North Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. We offer competitive pricing on all the Bateson Trailers we offer. Our understanding customer service team are number one for providing a helpful and well educated service of offering the products you require. We at John Coopers hire the most versed a well educated employees who can answer all questions regarding the purchase of a high quality Bateson Trailer. As a market leader in many services including Motorhome Hire and extensive stocking of Caravan accessories we know and understand the meaning of quality and the Bateson Trailers we offer are of the utmost standard.

Bateson Trailers

All the Bateson Trailers we offer we offer here at John Coopers are fully galvanised with independent rubber suspension axles. They have auto reversing brakes and come equipped with a hydraulically damped hitch that includes a lockable cast coupling and power assisted handbrake. The Bateson Trailers are composed from the most durable materials such as modern phenol coated birch plywood, tread-plate aluminium, and extensive use of lightweight but ultra strong fibreglass.

The Bateson Trailers also come equipped with toughened alloys such as plastic coated steel and composite plastics. The Bateson Trailers are of the highest quality and an industry leading brand providing the trailer needs of the UK since 1934. Bateson manufactures a variety of trailers for various applications and has been operating for nearly 80 years. They understand the quality and standards needed for the safe transportation of whatever is required in the use of one of the Bateson Trailers. John Coopers also offers extensive ranges of Bateson Trailers parts for use with Bateson products.

Our friendly and helpful team are here to provide you with the finest service with regard to the purchase of a Bateson Trailer, the team we employ are well educated in all the Trailers we sell and are here to help you find the right one for your means. They are able to answer any questions of enquiries you may have with regard to the quality Bateson Trailers we stock here at John Coopers Towing Services.

We encourage you to contact us via a simple and quick email and we will always try to get back to you as quickly as possible or we also do suggest that you can call us direct to discuss Bateson Trailers you may be interested in purchasing. Our hospitable and accommodating team are looking forward to hearing from you, we employ a large variety of people who are well versed in every aspect of the Bateson Trailers we have for sale and they are more than proficient of answering any questions you have.